Our efforts to combat the cyclone “Fani”:

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the Indian state of Odisha since the 1999 Odisha cyclone. The second named storm and the first severe cyclonic storm of the 2019 North Indian Ocean cyclone season, The Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm ‘FANI’ made landfall on the Odisha Coast south of Puri on 3 May, 2019 and the eye of the system was completely moved into land by 1000 hrs at the wind speed of 175-185, gusting up to 205 kmph.Efforts made/ Resources mobilized by State Government of Odisha along with NGOs and other agencies have successfully evacuated more than One million people to safer places in a record time to save their life. However, the strong wind of more than 200 km /hr has caused extensive damage to the infrastructure and people’s assets, such as water supply, electricity and the weak houses of the poor rural and urban communities.

After the cyclone, Odisha required ₹170 billion for rebuilding the infrastructure.The death toll has risen to 50 as per the media reports; however, the state government acknowledges only 29. A large number of cattle are lost and the heavy wind and rain damaged the kharif crop, vegetable cultivation and cash crops too. The horticulture is worst affected. The internal road blockades are still a major challenge to fasten the relief and rehabilitation operations. The devastating cyclone has shaken the backbone of coastal Odisha and killed the hope and dreams of people in rural as well as urban slums.
The cyclone has damaged almost all the kuccha houses, polythene roofed houses, tin and asbestos roofed houses in the area and made more than 60% families homeless. The major source of income from coconut orchards has been devastated making more than 35% people out of their livelihoods. The most vulnerable section of the affected community includes the women, the children, the elderly people and the persons with disability.Sanitary and hygiene conditions are extremely poor in the affected slums as toilets have been collapsed and damaged. Drinking water sources have been heavily contaminated; even the village ponds have fallen trees, debris and dead aquatics.As it is one of our objectives to serve the state during natural calamities we work towards to assure basic necessities of Fani affected people.

Sewa Karya-Fani Cyclone-2019

After Cyclone Samarpan Charitable trust started Survey and Seva karya in difference places in Puri district, all data are given below. Mananeeya Alok Kumar Jee (All India working President-VHP), Mananeeya Nandalal Lohia(Kendriya Mantri with National Seva Pramukh) visited affected area Kanchi, Chalishbatia, Kantasila, Bharatpur, Putta in Chalishbatia Panchayat, Sadar Block and Odhuala, Bilasahi, Dihasahi, Madhupatra, Sagada, Arjunpur, Nuakholamara in Nimapada Block with Dr.Nagen Kumar Debta( State President,VHP), Dr. Malaya Kumar Mohanty(State Vice President,VHP), Prasanta Kumar Panda( State Secretary, VHP), Pabitra Kumar Swain(President, Samarpan charitable Trust) and other Karyakarta. Bibhag Mantri Umasankar Acharya and Satyanarayan Das (Dist Secretary,VHP) was cooperated and managed the Day. Mananiya Alok jee discussed about affected victims regarding this problem.

We formed a team to fight against Fani in meeting. The details are as below:

Core Team members:

  1. Satya Narayan Dash- Secratary
  2. Pramod Kumar Acharya- State Vice president
  3. Bharat Chandra Swain-   Kendriya Seva Team Member
  4. Ananda Pandey- Secratary
  5. Basanta Rath- Kendriya Mantri
  6. Pabitra Kumar Swain- President, Samarpan Charitable Trust
  7. Umasankar Acharya- Bibhag Secratary
  8. Prasanta Kumar Panda- State Secratery
  9. Dolagibinda Panda
  10. Sanat Kumar Mishra- Bibhag Samarsata
  11. Debarpit Mohanty-
  12. Abhisek Mekap

1.Zilla Pramukh-

  1. Pramod Acharya
  2. Satyanarayan Das
  3. Dolagivind Panda
  4. Dipu Bhai
  5. Abhisek Mekap


  1. Gouranga Panda
  2. Abhisek Mekap
  1. Review Meeting –

Zilla Team –Puri- 8.00
State Team-BBSR


Ajit Kumar Barik

Biscuits Rs. 36,090.00
Tarpaulin Rs. 74,700.00
Grocerry Rs. 1,19,617.00
Nimapada Rs. 25,000.00
Puri Sadar Rs. 42,000.00
Flex Rs. 2,580.00
Transporting Rs. 12,050.00
                                                                    = Rs. 3,12,037.00


Grand Total :
1.      Cooking Food 33 places 26,620 (nos of person)
2.      Tarpaulin 02 places 120 pc
3.      Biscuit 03 places 3,600 person
4.      Chuda & others 02 places 600 person