Our Objectives

  • To take up projects for economic, social and education upliftment of background communities of the society, specifically for the weaker section including SCs and STs.
  • To Serve and strive for betterment of all communities of the society the neglected and distressed sections irrespective of religions, castes, creeds, gender, language and place.
  • To create awareness in the society for eco-friendly environment by using cow dung and urine in putting up bio-gas unit and preparation of pachagabya medicine.
  • To provide the medical training to the young volunteers.
  • To create awareness among women for their involvement in social development activities in order to make them economically independent and to save them from exploitation.
  • To help the needy people at the time of natural calamity.

Our Future planning

  • To cover all Gram Panchayats of the state with Health care points.
  • To set up Rehabilitation cum counselling centres for distressed women, one in each districts.
  • To organize 1000 SHGs in Rural areas for their upliftment.
  • To set up 100 vocational centres for skill development and capacity building of rural poor.
  • To create awareness in all schools and colleges for preservation and development of eco-friendly environment.